Basic Zabbix sender implementation in shell script Do you use Zabbix for monitoring devices? Is there a device you’d like to monitor that you just can’t manage to install the Zabbix agent on? This was the situation I found myself in, when trying to fill a gap... Read more

Setting up a secure, anonymizing web proxy I like concealing what and where I browse from eavesdroppers and web trackers respectively. To that end, I’ve been using OpenVPN and I have 2 minor issues with it: Firstly, an eavesdropper can see that the VPN connection is obviously... Read more

SSD over-provisioning and random write performance NAND flash memory cells degrade slightly every time they’re written to, eventually failing. And so, after getting a replacement for a failing drive, I decided to look up, if there’s something I could do to help it outlast its predecessor.... Read more